Monday, June 20, 2011

Final Blog Post from China:

We are traveling today. Carrie has already left for her flight to the west coast, and the rest of us have a leisurely day of packing and napping before a 4:10 pm flight [that’s 4:10 am Buffalo-time]. We are expected back in Buffalo on Tuesday night at 9:52 pm from Chicago.

We set up a final quick questionnaire for our transition back to the States:
1.      What will you miss about China?
2.      What will you not miss about China?
3.      What are you looking forward to in the US?
4.      What are you not looking forward to in the US?

1. Walking everywhere, tea, foreign language, food, learning new things in a different culture
2. Pollution & Tour Guides
3. Friends and Family & Communication
4. Driving everywhere

1. The friendly and welcoming Students at XiaDa
2. Beijing air & the language barrier
3. Seeing my family & having Clean smelling clothes again
4. American prices – where paying 10 rmb for a “bing shue-bi®” is a good deal.

1. Quantity, quality & availability of Tea & new, culturally disorienting Experiences
2. Being singled out solely on account of my Race
3. Being able to easily and effectively Communicate with others
4. Slipping back into the Monotony of the daily grind

1. The Exchange Rate [$1=6.42rmb] & trying many dishes at one meal
2. Excessive Pollution, the toilets & not knowing what people are saying
3. Forks!
4. Working

1. A Nation full of kindhearted, intriguing individuals who are caring and helpful.
2. A lack of Social Justice
3. Making my own Coffee
4. A lack of Social Justice

1. Inexpensive Food and all the Wonderful People in Xiamen & Beijing
2. Terrible Beds, the Tibet Hotel, smog & massive crowds everywhere
3. Family & Friends & good American Pizza
4. Writing the Second Paper for the Course

1. Haggling & being a Celebrity
2. Breakfast, air quality & outside temperature
3. Might Taco©, seeing family & friends
4. Higher Prices & going back to Work

1. New Friends, being welcomed, gathering for meals & shue-bi®!
2. Sweating in the heat, washing clothes by hand & worrying about water purity.
3. Seeing my Mom & telling friends and family about my experiences
4. Calories & less buying power.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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